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Myth: test automation should be used wherever it is possible to reduce time

The myth is that test automation should be used wherever it is possible to reduce time but the reality is explained below.

– It is true that test automation reduces the testing time but it is not possible to start test automation at any time during software development. – Test automation should be started when […]

What is a digital signature?

About Digital Signature

– Digital signature plays an important role in the field of cryptography. – It is used in digital certificates. – It can be defined as a mathematical scheme used in the demonstration of the authenticity of a document or a digital message. – A digital signature is included so that the receiver […]

Deadlock Management Strategies – Deadlock Detection

The resources of a system are limited and therefore when the two processes compete for them, a deadlock is likely to occur. Now, since the processes have the right to access the resource and even hold it, the other processes are prevented from utilizing these resources and thus they are put in to a waiting […]

What are mechanisms for mutual exclusion?

It is important in the processing of the processes and threads that it is ensured that any two threads or processes do not coincide with each other i.e., they both do not utilize the critical section simultaneously. Here, critical section is referred to as the duration when a shared resource is accessed by the different […]