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What is meant by concurrent data structure? What are basic principles of concurrent data structure?

A data structure is concurrent if it organizes and stores data to be accessed by the multiple computing threads or we can say asynchronous processes on a system. The term “concurrency” is known to define the 2 terms of the operations that are performed simultaneously by the threads up on the data: 1. Multiplexing of […]

What is meant by branch coverage or decision coverage? How is it calculated?

Code Coverage is a very important aspect when it comes to testing, although a number of people may not even have heard about it. It should not be ignored, instead attempts should be made to incorporate it as part of processes. There are practical difficulties – it requires a great deal of effort to understand […]

What is the difference between static and dynamic testing?

Static testing and dynamic testing are one of the frequently discussed testing methodologies. Dynamic testing and static testing form two major and extremely important categories of software testing methodologies. Most of us are clear with the meaning of the terms “static” and “dynamic”. Keeping in mid the meaning of these terms, it is very easy […]

Different roles in a Scrum process – ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and The Team

A Scrum process has some key roles, which will not be familiar to those who have not done any Scrum training, or those who have not undergone Scrum. In order to make the Scrum process a success, it is critically important that wherever a Scrum process is being implemented, all the stakeholders understand the different […]