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What is user acceptance testing?

– Acceptance testing as the name suggests is a technique followed for the determination of whether the product meets its state specifications and requirements or not. – Acceptance testing is common and crucial to be followed in various disciplines of engineering and this includes software engineering as well. – Acceptance testing in general may involve […]

What are some of the limitations of unit testing?

About Unit Testing

– Unit testing is defined as a means or a technique using which the individual units in the code of the program can be tested. – This type of testing lets you combine together the different modules of the program and test them as a group or one single unit. This testing […]

What are the knowledge requirements for Database Testing?

It has been a widely questioned topic that what are the knowledge requirements for a tester to perform data base testing? Well, this depends largely on what the software system or product is. – It is required that the testers should be savvy with using the product just like the real world users who are […]

Explain Testing the Application vs.Testing the DBMS?

Application testing and DBMS testing are the most important parts of the whole software testing life cycle.

About Application Testing

– Application testing is what that deals with the testing of the entire software system or application. – The application testing is driven by the scenarios that are obtained from the analysis team. – […]