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What is Process/Thread Synchronization?

Synchronization is a very important process in the systems which are multiprocessor or multitasking. Synchronization in itself refers to very different concepts but which are related to each other. These two different concepts are:

Synchronization of data Synchronization of processes

– In synchronization of data, multiple copies of the set of data are created and […]

Explain Threads vs Processes?

About Processes

– An ideal process abstraction is the one where it seems like an actual machine is being used. – The modern process model is of much value since it has much to offer. – For the programmers it has made possible to design software that can make the various computer hardware parts work […]

Overview of Threads

A thread is an encapsulation of the flow of control in a program. Most people are used to writing single-threaded programs – that is, programs that only execute one path through their code “at a time”. Multi-threaded programs may have several threads running through different code paths “simultaneously”. A thread is similar to the sequential […]