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What is Data Encryption Standard (DES)?

– The Data Encryption Standard or DES is an algorithm that is used for the encryption of the electronic data that was earlier pre–dominant. – The advancement and sophistication of the modern cryptography has been highly influenced by the data encryption standard. – This algorithm was developed in the year of 1970 at the IBM. […]

What are digital certificates?

– A digital certificate is another name for the public key certificates. – They are rarely referred to as the identity certificates. – Digital certificates are an integral part of the cryptography. – These are electronic documents that are used for binding the public key to an identity that make use of the digital signatures. […]

Baseband Coaxial Cable – a type of transmission media

– Base band coaxial cable is one of the most common types of transmission media. – Most of the times it is also called coax in short. – This is a type of very high capacity cabling and its use is widespread in the field of telephone signals transmission, digital audio signals and television signals […]

Ensuring that the tools you use are responsive and fast ..

The topic of this post is something that seems so obvious, but the problems that come up on a regular basis if the tools that one users are slow is a big issue. In the periodic retrospectives or the post-mortems that we did, the speed of using a tool was one of the biggest problems […]