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What are different types of physical topologies?

What is a network topology?

– The various elements of a computer network such as nodes, links and so on can be arranged in a number of ways which are defined by a network topology. – The topology of a network defines its structure and there are two ways in which it can be depicted […]

How are networks categorized?

Categorization of the networks is largely dependent on their 3 major properties which are: – Topology – Protocol and – Architecture

1. Categorization based up on Topology:

Topology gives the specification regarding the geometrical arrangement up on which the network is based. A number of topologies have been defined as discussed below: – Point – […]

What are basic hardware components of networks? – Part 1

The quality, speed, efficiency etc. of a network all depend to a large extent on its basic hardware components. The hardware components used in networking are called networking equipment or networking hardware. This hardware typically refers to the devices that in a way facilitate the use of an information network. The basic hardware components include […]

What is meant by network topology? What are the common layouts of network topology?

Various elements of a computer network such as links, nodes and so on are arranged in a way that is called a network topology.

To say, “the network topology defines the topological structure of a network”.

There are two ways of depicting a network topology. It can be either depicted logically or physically. 1. […]