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Explain routing concept in networking?

Routing can be defined as the process of paths selection along which the traffic has to be sent in a network. Routing concept holds good for different kinds of network such as the following: – Telephone networks or circuit switching networks – Electronic data networks or internet – Transportation networks

Here we focus on routing […]

Explain Asynchronous Transfer Mode?

Asynchronous transfer mode or ATM can be defined as the telecommunications standard regarding carrying of the whole range of user traffic (i.e., consisting of data, voice and video signals etc.) as defined by the ITU and ANSI. – This standard was brought in to existence for unifying the computer networks and telecommunication networks. – The […]

What is Risk management? What are steps in risk management process?

Risk management is a combination of the following 3 processes: 1. Risk identification 2. Risk assessment and 3. Risk prioritization

“Risks have been defined as the effect of uncertainty on objectives either positive or negative” as defined in the ISO 31000.

In the risk management process the above mentioned three processes are followed by […]

Dividing a project into multiple milestones for tracking purposes

Our team was used to working on short projects, doing projects that had a total duration of between 2 /3 months. For such short projects, we would meet regularly (twice a week or more, depending on how close we were to the release), and would review status at each such meeting. In these meetings, based […]