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What is Data Encryption Standard (DES)?

– The Data Encryption Standard or DES is an algorithm that is used for the encryption of the electronic data that was earlier pre–dominant. – The advancement and sophistication of the modern cryptography has been highly influenced by the data encryption standard. – This algorithm was developed in the year of 1970 at the IBM. […]

What is a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)?

– CRC is the short form for cyclic redundancy check and is used as an error detection code. – CRC finds its largest use in the storage devices and digital networks for the detection of the accidental changes that might have caused to the data during its transmission. – When the blocks of data enter […]

Satellite vs Fiber transmission

Satellite transmission and the fiber transmission are two of the leading transmission types in the field of communication.

About Communication Satellite – A comsat or the communication satellite is an artificial satellite that is sent in to the space for the purpose of telecommunications. – A variety of the orbits are used by the […]

Laser – a type of wireless transmission

– Laser is a very popular device since last few years. – Emission of light beam is purpose of this device. – It does this through a process based on the “stimulated emission of the electromagnetic radiation” known as the optical amplification. – This is why the device has got the name LASER which stands […]