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Comparison between OSI and TCP/IP model.

TCP/IP and OSI models are the two very popular models in the field of inter-networking. In this article, we give a brief comparison between these two protocols. A point to be noted is that the adoption of either protocol does not conflict with the other one because the development of both these protocols took place […]

Explain Operating System Interface OSI Layer 4 – Transport Layer

About OSI – Transport Layer

1. The OSI layer 4 is the transport layer. 2. As the name of this layer suggests, it facilitates the transfer of the data between different networks. 3. It acts as a reliable data transfer service for the layers above it. 4. It is this layer that controls the reliability […]

Overview Of The Transport Layer

The transport layer is the key to understanding layered protocols. It provides various services, the most important of which is an end-to-end, reliable, connection-oriented byte stream from sender to receiver. It is accessed through service primitives that permit the establishment, use and release of connection. Transport protocols must be able to do connection management over […]