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Scrum: The role of the User Interface designer in the whole process

This was interesting. Some years back, we used to do a Waterfall system, and we used to have the concept of the User Interface Designer being part of the initial process of working with the requirements in order to create a workflow document, as well as prepare the actual dialogs that would be part of […]

The compromise between having a Product Owner who tries to detail out too much ..

Scrum suffers from problems where you have a Product Owner role that needs to have a person who has understood the role in good detail. In a lot of cases, just transitioning the role from that of a regular Product Management role to that of a Product Owner role takes some amount of getting used […]

More about the Product Backlog – When and where ?

In the previous post (link), I had started writing about the Product Backlog, but soon realized that I needed more than one post. So here is Part 2 about the Product Backlog. Part of the debate about a Product Backlog is about the extent of detail, as well as when should more detail be added. […]

Benefits of usability testing

Why is there such a lot of focus on doing proper usability testing ? Whenever there is any discussion of doing a product and plans are drawn, doing usability testing is deemed as a critical part of the overall plan. What are the benefits of doing usability testing and what can you learn about your […]