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Myth: testers should be responsible for the quality of a product

There is a myth that only testers are responsible for the quality of a product but the reality is discussed and explained below.

– It is a very common misinterpretation that only testers or the testing team should be responsible for the product quality. – Testers responsibilities include the identification of bugs to the stakeholders […]

Microwave Transmission – a type of wireless transmission

– A type of wireless communication is the microwave transmission. – The technology concerning the transmission of the energy or the information through radio waves (microwaves to be particular) is called the microwave transmission. – Microwaves are the waves whose wavelengths can be measured in few centimeters. – The microwaves lie in the frequency range […]

What is meant by routing in a network?

Routing is one of the most important concepts of networking. It is actually a process of paths selection in a network via which the traffic can be sent. Routing can be carried out for a number of different kinds of networks. These networks might include the following: – Telephone network i.e., the circuit switching – […]

List out the characteristics of Local Area Network?

LAN or local area network is one of the types of computer networks. This type lets you establish a network in a limited area such as in a school, laboratory, office or home using any of the communication technologies available.

Characteristics of Local Area Network

The characteristics that define a local area network and […]