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What is top – down integration testing?

– Integration testing is forming or integrating various individual units in to one and testing them as one unit. – Integration testing lies between unit testing and system testing. – It should be carried out before validation testing. – The units or the modules that have passed the unit tests successfully can only be subjected […]

What are some of the limitations of unit testing?

About Unit Testing

– Unit testing is defined as a means or a technique using which the individual units in the code of the program can be tested. – This type of testing lets you combine together the different modules of the program and test them as a group or one single unit. This testing […]

What are the tools used in unit testing?

What is Unit testing? It is the process of testing which deals with ensuring that individual units of source code, individual computer program modules along with input and output data, workflows, and operating procedures, are fit for use.

In this article we are going to list a number of unit testing frame works and tools […]

How is unit testing done in extreme programming?

What is Extreme Programming?

– Extreme programming is counted as one of the finest agile software development methodologies. – Extreme programming has proved to be a great methodology when it comes to making improvements in the software products as well as projects. – It has also been known for its quick responsiveness towards the changing […]