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What is the difference between usability and user interface testing?

User interface testing and Usability testing are two testing methodologies that have much importance to the customers. The basic difference between these two is that the usability testing is a type of non-functional testing technique whereas the user interface testing falls under the class of functional testing techniques.

In simple words, the user interface testing […]

What is usability testing?

Usability is the easiness of using and learning about a human made object. This concept of usability applies to the software applications apart from the other things such as the websites, tools, and books and so on.

“Usability testing is a kind of testing technique that is used in interaction designs for the evaluation […]

About International Standard ISO/IEC 9241(part 11 of this standard)

– ISO (international organization for standardization) developed a multi-part standard that covered the ergonomics of the interaction between the humans and the systems. – This standard is called the ISO/IEC 924 standard. – ISO technical committee 159 is responsible for the management of this standard. – Some parts of the standard were renumbered in order […]

Scrum: Some facilities that a tool should provide ..

Warning: This post is the impression based on the feedback of one specific Scrum team. It does not try to enumerate all the properties that a Scrum tool should have, and you would be able to find many more posts from other people about specific benefits of one Scrum tool vs. the other.

We have […]