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Scrum: The role of the User Interface designer in the whole process

This was interesting. Some years back, we used to do a Waterfall system, and we used to have the concept of the User Interface Designer being part of the initial process of working with the requirements in order to create a workflow document, as well as prepare the actual dialogs that would be part of […]

Some details about Software Configuration Management?

What is Software Configuration management?

– It is an art of coordinating the development of software in order to minimize confusion. – It is an umbrella activity applied throughout the process. – It identifies, controls, audits and reports the changes that occur during the development of software.

What are different elements of Configuration Management?

– […]

Getting a clear decision making process and implementing it to prevent rework – Part 2

In the previous post (Decision making process in the team – Part 1), I talked about some of the issues in the team where there can be conflict between the opinions of the experience designer and the product manager and trying to separate their responsibilities. The post started out by outlying some of these areas, […]

The compromise between having a Product Owner who tries to detail out too much ..

Scrum suffers from problems where you have a Product Owner role that needs to have a person who has understood the role in good detail. In a lot of cases, just transitioning the role from that of a regular Product Management role to that of a Product Owner role takes some amount of getting used […]