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Getting the Scrum team to start using video conferencing

For years, there were many arguments relating to not using video conferencing for meetings. Many of you would already know them, they relate to lack of equipment, about the timing of meetings and so on. However, there are many advantages of video-conferencing for the meetings that happen as a part of Scrum. Being able to […]

Ensuring video conferencing as part of global Daily Scrum

And of course, this is not restricted only to the Daily Scrum meeting, but other meetings as well where interaction between teams located globally is required. A Daily Scrum is supposed to be a quick meeting, where the attendees of the meeting quickly lay down what has happened since the previous meeting, what will happen […]

What are features of Integrated Services Digital Network – ISDN protocol?

ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network represents: – set of communication standards, – these standards enables the digital transmission of video and audio, data, and other various network services simultaneous over the public switched telephone network, – this transmission is through traditional circuits.

Features of ISDN

1. Integration of the data and speech and […]

Learning about scrum through a video

Scrum is a project management technique, one of the Agile development technologies. It is a fairly more recent technology, and has been increasingly adopted by more companies. There is a concept that scrum is meant for smaller teams, but it is erroneously thought that larger products cannot be built with scrum. For a scrum team, […]