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What are best practices for VLAN Security?

Virtual local area networks or VLANs are also prone to many of the security issues. Till now a number of researches have been carried out regarding the security of the VLANs. From these researches, no intrinsic security reviews have emerged that would challenge the security of the VLANs. However, these researches do point out a […]

How are VLANs designed?

VLANs or Virtual local area networks are multiple broadcast domains distinct in nature that have been created by partitioning the single layer 2 network in computer networking.

Design of VLANs

– VLANs are kept in mutual isolation with one another for an effective passing of the data packets between them via routers. – The […]

Explain InterVLAN Routing?

InterVLAN routing is one of major concepts that should be understood in order to understand the working of VLANs. For all the devices lying within a VLAN, Layer 3 routing is not required for communicating with one another. On the other hand, the devices that are located in separate VLANs, a layer 3 routing device […]

What are VLAN networks?

– For creating multiple distinct broadcast domains, a single 2 layer network might be divided in computer networking. – The domains thus created exist in mutual isolation with each other and therefore the data packets can pass between them through the routers only. – These domains are nothing but VLANs or virtual local networks. – […]