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What is a spiral model? What are steps involved in this model?

There arose a need in the area of the software development to have a combined advantage of bottom up approach and top down concepts. Eventually, a software development process was developed which had the combined advantage plus it also combined the elements of the prototyping in stages and design. This model is now popularly known […]

Problems with waterfall development model

Other software development models were developed (such as the Agile model) because it was felt that the sequential process defined in the Waterfall model was something that was not actually mapping what happens in practice, with the stated principle about one phase of the software lifecycle being completed before the next phase is initiated is […]

Waterfall Development Model

A lot of people talk about the Waterfall method? What is it ?

The Waterfall development methodology follows what is called a classic SDLC model, with multiple phases / stages in between, and with defined goals for each of these phases. These stages are typically sequential with one following the other, but there can be […]