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Explain routing concept in networking?

Routing can be defined as the process of paths selection along which the traffic has to be sent in a network. Routing concept holds good for different kinds of network such as the following: – Telephone networks or circuit switching networks – Electronic data networks or internet – Transportation networks

Here we focus on routing […]

Overview Of The Medium Access Sublayer

Some networks have a single channel that is used for all communication. In these networks, the key design issue is the allocation of this channel among the competing stations wishing to use it. Numerous channel allocation algorithms have been devised like :

– FDM : Dedicate a frequency band to each station. – TDM : […]

What are Web Applications ? (WebApps)

You must have heard of Web Applications for a long time now. Nowadays, you even hear of Web 2.0 Apps. But what exactly are Web Applications and how do they impact you ?

In the early days of the web, web sites consisted of static pages, which severely limited interaction with the user since there […]

Testing of Web Applications

The quality of a web application can be pretty evident right from the onset (from the beginning of testing). Some of the key things to check for, and that are visible right in the beginning are: – Slow response time, – Problems with the accuracy of information, – Bad design / workflow problems or not […]