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Twisted Pair – a type of transmission media

– In this type of wiring media from a single circuit, two conductors are taken and twisted together so that they can cancel out the EMI (electromagnetic interference) from each other as well as external sources. – External sources of interference include crosstalk between the pair of neighboring conductors and electromagnetic radiation from the UTP […]

Explain Ethernet – a Communication Protocol

All the computer networking technologies working for the local area networks or LANs together constitute a family called Ethernet. – The concept was commercialized in the year of 1980 though it achieved standardization in the year of 1985. – The corresponding standard is IEEE 802.3. – A number of wired LAN technologies have been replaced […]

What are different wired technologies used as communication media?

There are different types of communication media that have greatly influenced our lives. All these communication media available around us can be classified in to two big categories namely: 1. The wired technologies and 2. The wireless technologies This classification holds good for every field wherever there is communication network is involved. Even the computer […]