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What is the encryption standard used for resolving wireless security issues?

Wireless is a very broad concept that involves preventing the unauthorized clients from accessing or damaging the wireless computer networks. There are two most commonly used wireless security services:

WEP or wireless equivalent privacy WPA or wi – fi protected access

– The first one i.e., the WEP is quite a weak security standard. – […]

What are security issues with wireless transmission?

The way the communication takes place between the computers in a network is being rapidly affected by the wireless networking technology. At some point where the wireless network technology offers convenience in making connections between the networks via mobile computing devices, it has also introduced a number of security issues that one may not find […]

Microwave Transmission – a type of wireless transmission

– A type of wireless communication is the microwave transmission. – The technology concerning the transmission of the energy or the information through radio waves (microwaves to be particular) is called the microwave transmission. – Microwaves are the waves whose wavelengths can be measured in few centimeters. – The microwaves lie in the frequency range […]

Radio Transmission – a type of wireless transmission

Today everyone is familiar with the term ‘radio’ because of the great aspect with which it has touched our lives. When we hear radio the first thing that comes to our mind is FM. Well this is not the only thing. There is much more to this concept. Radio is a type of wireless transmission.