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What is a test scenario?

Test scenarios are an important part of a testing technique called as the scenario testing. Scenarios in general can be defined as kind of hypothetical stories created for helping the software tester solving a complex problem or working through a test system.

A test scenario can be said to have an ideal scenario story only […]

What is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)?

– The AES or advanced encryption standard like the data encryption standard is also a specification established by the NIST (national institute of standards and technology, U.S.) for encrypting the electronic data. – Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen are the two Belgian cryptographers who developed the Rijndael cipher that serves as a basis for the […]

Twisted Pair – a type of transmission media

– In this type of wiring media from a single circuit, two conductors are taken and twisted together so that they can cancel out the EMI (electromagnetic interference) from each other as well as external sources. – External sources of interference include crosstalk between the pair of neighboring conductors and electromagnetic radiation from the UTP […]

What are basics of MPLS VPN?

The MPLS or multi – protocol label switching technology is also used for creating the VPNs or the virtual private networks. The methods followed for doing these are collectively known as the MPLS VPN.

They are a great tool for harnessing the MPLS potential. The VPNS thus created with MPLS mechanism provide great flexibility […]