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Scrum: More detail on tasks ensures better quality

This post is likely to be somewhat controversial. I have had people coming to me who have had experience with both Scrum and Waterfall development methodology, claiming that by using Scrum, the team tend to ensure that they have a better overall quality of code and features that are being generated. At the same time, […]

What is a test scenario?

Test scenarios are an important part of a testing technique called as the scenario testing. Scenarios in general can be defined as kind of hypothetical stories created for helping the software tester solving a complex problem or working through a test system.

A test scenario can be said to have an ideal scenario story only […]

Myth: testers should be responsible for the quality of a product

There is a myth that only testers are responsible for the quality of a product but the reality is discussed and explained below.

– It is a very common misinterpretation that only testers or the testing team should be responsible for the product quality. – Testers responsibilities include the identification of bugs to the stakeholders […]

Myth: if the software is tested then it must be bug free

There is a myth that if the software is tested then it must be bug free but the reality is mentioned below.

Reality: – This is a very common myth which clients, project managers and the management team believe in. – No one can say with absolute certainty that a software application is 100 percent […]