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Problems with Swarming (in Scrum)

In previous posts, I have talked about the advantages of Swarming during Scrum (link), but this post talks a bit about the contra side. As always, when it comes to Scrum, there are always viewpoints that may be contrary to each other. During discussions, I have heard people who are very happy with the results […]

Introducing new concepts to the Scrum team – discuss, discuss

There are certain concepts that take a lot of time to seep through, especially when all previous experience has been on one type of methodology. For those who have long experiences of working on Waterfall or other methods, getting into being comfortable with the usage of Scrum is easier said than done. One comes across […]

Measuring the velocity of an individual of the Scrum team ? Don’t !

Scrum works on the basis of team work, of the Scrum team working together as a team. However, this concept is getting badly shaken with more organizations trying to take a strict line in terms of measuring the performance of their employees, and granting rewards in terms of stock options and salary increases based on […]

Handling risks within the Scrum team – Product Owner / Scrum Master / Who ?

Risk management is always a ticklish issue in terms of who drives the process and owns it. In a typical non-scrum project, the Project Manager is the one expected to drive and own the risk management process, and also has authority for ensuring that the risks that come up in the project are evaluated and […]